Year 5 Teachers



  1. Discuss the importance of eating a variety of fruit and vegetables every day as they contain vital nutrients, called vitamins, as well as fibre.
  2. Explain that we should aim to eat a 'rainbow' of different colours of fruit and vegetables as each colour provides a different selection of vitamins and nutrients.
  3. Explain that vitamin C helps the body fight off illnesses and infections, like colds and flu, as well as repair itself after a an injury.
  4. Explain that sailors who were at sea for many months became ill and died of scurvy until they discovered that citrus fruits and limes contained lots of vitamin C.
  5. Tell children that vitamin C can be found in a variety of foods e.g. apples, oranges, peas and onion.
  6. Ask children if they know what the body needs fibre for and discuss the importance of eating fibre everyday to keep the digestive system working properly.
  7. Brainstorm foods that contain fibre e.g. wholemeal bread, certain breakfast cereals, apples, celery and a lot of fruit and vegetables.
  8. Then read the page An apple a day keeps the doctor away.