Year 5 Teachers


Apple Science Experiment 2

How much do apples weigh?

Apples are made up of about 80% water. This experiment will look at how much of an apple's weight is actually water. You are going to find out the apple's 'water weight'.

You will need

  • A slice of Bramley apple
  • A piece of string
  • A label
  • Scales

What to do

  1. Tie a piece of a string around your slice of apple.
  2. Weigh the slice on the scales and record the weight.
  3. Hang the slice up by the string somewhere in your classroom.
  4. Stick a label with your initials near your slice so you can tell it apart from the others.
  5. Weigh the slice every two days and record the weight until it stops changing.


  1. Find two Bramley apples of the same weight.
  2. Cook one of the apples.
  3. Compare the weights again.
  4. Which apple did you think would be lighter?
  5. Which apple was lighter?
  6. Can you explain your result?