Year 5 Teachers


Apple Science Experiment 1

What effect does air have on peeled or sliced apples?

When you cut an apple into slices, you may notice that the slices quickly turn brown. You are going to test out how you can slow down the browning process.

You will need

  • A knife
  • A Bramley apple
  • A watch
  • A citrus fruit - a lemon, lime or orange
  • Three plates
  • Three labels
  • A fridge

What to do

    1. Cut three slices from an apple and place each on a different plate. Always have an adult present when using a knife.
  Slice A Leave out in the open air
  Slice B Put in the fridge
  Slice C Squeeze the juice from the citrus fruit over the slice and leave out in the open air
    1. Label each plate with your initials, the time and the number (Slice A, B or C).
    2. Time how long it takes for each apple slice to turn brown and note your findings in the chart.
    Time left e.g. 10.00am Time it went brown e.g. 10.30am Time it took to turn brown e.g. 30mins
  Slice A (open air)      
  Slice B (fridge)      
  Slice C (citrus juice)      
    1. Answer these questions

a) Which slice turned brown first?
b) Which slice turned brown last?
c) How can you explain the results?