Year 5 Teachers


Apple Science Activity 3

Power House (make an apple battery)

Power House A battery is a miniature electricity store. When you put the battery into a circuit it gradually releases the electrical energy stored inside it. This energy pushes a stream of electrons (tiny particles) around the circuit making an electrical current.

You can make your own electricity store just like a battery by using apples!

You will need

  • 2 coins made of different materials (e.g. a 2p and 5p)
  • An apple
  • A kitchen knife (ask an adult to help)
  • 2 insulated wires

What to do

    1. Ask an adult to cut two small slits in the apple.
    2. The slits should be about 3cm apart and large enough to hold your coins.
    3. Ask an adult to strip about 2cm off the ends of your insulated wires.
    4. Push the bare end of each wire into each slit to hold the wires in place.
    5. Put the loose ends of each wire on your tongue making sure the wires don't touch.
    6. Can you feel anything?
    7. Pull one wire out of the fruit, then put the loose end on your tongue again.
    8. What do you feel now?