Year 5 Teachers


Eating for health

  1. Ask children why we need to eat.
  2. Look at the 'Why do I need to eat?' page on an interactive whiteboard or in a computer room. Emphasise the balance needed between food consumption and exercise.
  3. Discuss the problems of overeating in terms of weight gain and the problems it can cause with high blood pressure and heart failure.
  4. Talk through the page 'What's in the food I eat?' discussing how our bodies need a variety of different nutrients to do all the things they needs to do.
  5. Show pupils the eatwell balance of good health plate on the page 'What should I eat?' and talk through the different proportions. Ask pupils to think of different examples of the categories.
  6. Children should then look at their food diaries and categorise the food in their diaries into the different food groups. They should then count up the quantities of the different groups they have eaten in their diary e.g. the number of fruits and vegetables they ate, the number of protein portions they ate etc. This will only be approximate as the quantities of the different groups in their diary will hardly ever be a portion size but it will show the variety.
  7. If the class is able, they should draw up a chart to show the proportion of each of the eatwell nutrition group they ate in the week.
  8. Comparing their diet to the eatwell balanced plate, children should decide if their diet is balanced.
  9. If their diet is not balanced ask children to write down three things they can do to improve their diet.