Year 3 Teachers


Making a meal and testing learning

  1. To help children practise choosing healthy options, play the "Making a meal of it!" game. This will also start children thinking about options in sandwiches and lead into the detail of the D&T Sandwich snacks unit and the focused practical task where children make a sandwich for a designated occasion.
  2. To test pupils' understanding, set them the Test yourself page in the computer room.
  3. Set the homework sheet.

After using this website to learn about at healthy eating, children can begin the practical task of designing a healthy sandwich.

Homework sheet

Other topics in Year 3 where this website may provide support are:
QCA Science unit Teeth and eating (Unit 3A) - In this unit children learn that different people and different cultures choose different diets but a wide variety of different diets can be balanced with the right knowledge. They learn that some foods (carbohydrates and fats) give us energy and some (proteins) help us grow. At this stage, children are not expected to know the terms carbohydrate, protein or fat but this website does use those terms.