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Design and Make Assignment: Designing and making for yourself

Have you ever considered how a food product is made in a factory? How much of the preparation process is done by hand and how much is performed by machines? Sometimes how a food is made (manufactured) affects how the food product is designed.

You are going to design and make a new and appetising pasty filling for a target group of customers. You will come up with an idea and develop your design ideas to make prototypes (test samples) before starting to make your final product.

Design a new and appetising filling for a pasty, which a target group of customers will want to buy. Develop your ideas by tasting other pasties and finding out what customers want. Experiment with different ingredients. Think about different fillings, and try making a filling using Bramley apples. Test your samples to help you design something new and tasty for the customers.

Task 1: Understanding the market

Task 2: Understanding design criteria

Task 3: Marketing a snack

Task 4: Homework - Meeting market demand

Task 5: Researching the market

Task 6: Learn how to make a pasty filling

Task 7: Safety and hygiene when handling food

Task 8: Using prototypes and models when designing