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Design and Make Assignment: Understanding materials

In order to design a new food product, you need to understand the properties of the ingredients you want to use, and how best to mix and treat the ingredients. You also have to make sure all your ingredients together taste nice! A new product is only successful if the right proportions of ingredients are chosen, prepared appropriately and presented well.

You probably know that everyone is supposed to eat at least five portions of fruit or vegetables each day, and you may know that most people don't manage to do this. Do you get your five a day? One tasty and easy way to eat one or two portions of fruit and veg is by eating soup.

Design and make a soup using Bramley apples

Design and make a new apple and vegetable soup to be sold in food stores, which looks good, appeals to customers and follows the government's healthy eating advice. The soup should help and encourage people to eat reach their five-a-day target of fruit and vegetables.

Soup made from apples? Are you sure that's right?

Soups that include apple in the ingredients are becoming more common. You may have heard of parsnip and apple soup, or curried butternut squash and apple soup, but apple can be added to tomato, spinach, chestnut, carrot and a lot of other vegetables to make a delicious and healthy soup. In this design and make assignment, you will design a new soup that helps people to reach their five-a-day target.

Task 1: Thinking about soup

Task 2: Homework - Understanding types of soup

Task 3: Researching apple soup recipes

Task 4: Tasting current soups

Task 5: Nutritional content of soups

Task 6: Packaging

Task 7: Understanding ingredients

Task 8: Taste testing