Apple Puppets


Puppets used to be made by Native Americans who called them 'applehead dolls'

For each Bramley apple head you will need:
A Bramley apple
A stick about 6 inches long or an old pencil
Scraps of fabric, cardboard, ribbon and wool to decorate the head.

You can make puppet heads using Bramley apples.

  1. Take a Bramley apple, peel it and very carefully carve a face into the peeled apple. Take extra care when using a knife.
  2. Place your applehead on a stick and leave it to dry for several weeks - it will shrink into quite a character!
  3. When it is ready, decorate the head with wool for hair and make a body for him or her out of fabric, cardboard or whatever you like.
Hold the stick in your apple and get together with friends to put on a puppet show.